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Production, sale, installation.

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The advantages of Kramarev Group wood and wood-aluminum windows

Practice areas are: wooden, wooden aluminum windows, wooden entrance and interior doors, other related products.

Kramarev Group provides a full range of services:
  • design and production of any standard wooden and wooden aluminum windows and doors;
  • design and production of any non-standard windows and doors: arched, round, trapezoidal, curved, etc;
  • professional installation of windows and doors;
  • technical support of facilities;
  • extended warranty (3 years) and after-sales service of products;
  • Order quantity can be almost any size.
The advantages of wood and wood-aluminum windows Kramarev Group are:
  • Author rational design;
  • excellent technological characteristics;
  • the quality and durability;
  • excellent quality finish;
  • all Kramarev Group products have Russia's certificate of conformance. Manufacture use only quality certified materials and components.

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